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Facts About FASD

By Victoria Nash | September 9, 2021

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) is one of the most common preventable neuro-developmental disorders. FASDs are a collection of diagnoses with a range of different effects that occur in individuals who were exposed to alcohol through the umbilical cord during their mother’s pregnancy. The effects on an individual with an FASD diagnose differ from person to person and range from physical, mental, behavioral and/or learning challenges. Signs and Symptoms Like any other disorder, signs and symptoms differ from person-to-person. Though an individual may not experience all these signs … Continued

What medical paperwork is needed for your college student

By Dan Mucci | August 24, 2021

Parents and their children look forward to many milestones – the first day of kindergarten; turning 13 and becoming a teenager; passing your driver’s test and getting your license at age 16; and turning 18 – the age the law states you are an adult. “There are many important changes that occur once that legal adulthood milestone is reached,” wrote Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health’s Assistant Clinical Officer Susan Brown. “One of those changes is the ability to be involved in decision making and access to information related … Continued

A live cirque performance highlights LYLS

By Victoria Nash | August 3, 2021

Are you ready for a dazzling array of colors to fill a room against the backdrop of stilt walker, a cyr wheelist rolling across the floor, an aerialist and other roaming acrobatic performances. Just in case you haven’t heard, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health’s (C&A) Annual Let Your Light Shine (LYLS) Event is on Aug. 14, 2021, starting at 6 p.m. What a great outing to close the summer season and prepare for the new school year. Where else will you and your friends be able to relax, … Continued

Is Your Teen a Screenager?

By Dr. Karita Nussbaum | July 20, 2021

Delaney Ruston is the mother of two teenagers and a medical doctor. When her daughter was in junior high, they began shopping for a phone for her. Delaney wanted her daughter to have a phone only for the purpose of verbal communication, her daughter wanted a phone with the internet so she could connect with her friends through social media. A conflict followed as mother and daughter battled the wants of the other. This struggle led Dr. Ruston in a deeper dive into the influence and impact of … Continued

Puff bars: the new era of disposable Vaping

By Dr. Karita Nussbaum | July 6, 2021

Vaping Pop Quiz If you found this item in your teen’s pocket, what might be in it?   a. Tampon b. Candy c. Puff Bar vape d. Flavored drink mix 2. If you saw this advertised, at first glance, you might think it was: a Breath freshener b. Lip gloss c. Perfume d. Vape pen 3. Which of these is NOT a vape pen? Answers: Question 1- c, Question 2 – d, Question 3 -b Vape pens … puff bars … pod mods … What are they? In … Continued

Respect and acceptance of Pride Month

By Dan Mucci | June 22, 2021

The month of June brings many thoughts and ideas to mind – the year is nearly half over; school is out; warm weather and sunshine are here. However, June also signifies Pride Month, where a community of individuals are still fighting for acceptance. What is Pride month? The history behind this month and its importance? Pride month is meant to increase the visibility of those who were previously shamed, ostracized and stigmatized for being themselves. It is held in the month of June because the “flash” point for … Continued

Commemorating Juneteenth – Emancipation Day, Jubilee Day and Freedom Day!

By Mary Kreitz | June 8, 2021

What is Juneteenth? Although it has been celebrated for over 150 years, many people are still not familiar with the holiday of Juneteenth.  The name is a contraction that is short for “June nineteenth.”  June 19, 1865 was the day that enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, learned that the Civil War had ended and that they were free. A little more history: If you paid attention in history class you might be thinking, “That can’t be right; the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in 1863.”  That’s true, sort … Continued

Planting the Seeds of Self-Care in Children

By Mary Kreitz | May 25, 2021

As is often the case when we are talking about children, self-care for children begins with their parents.  To have the resources that they will need to properly care for their children, parents must remember to take care of their own needs and business.  As the old adage goes, you can’t serve from an empty pitcher. What do children do when difficult things happen in their lives?  They look to the adults around them for clues about how to feel and what to do.  If their parents show … Continued

Self-Care Tips for Teens

By Mary Kreitz | May 11, 2021

When you’re little adults are supposed to take most of the responsibility for taking care of you. As you get older the responsibility shifts so that you are supposed to do more to care for yourself. Here are some important concepts that will be useful as you develop healthy self-care habits. How do you know that it’s time to settle for good enough instead of striving for perfection?  When you already have several items on your To Do list, you have to be able to budget your time … Continued

Stark County Schools Mental Health Week is Back!

By Brenna Walker | April 29, 2021

This year, C&A has some exciting new additions for the third annual Stark County Schools Mental Health Week taking place May 3-7. Canton Local, Jackson Local and Louisville City schools have joined the mental health celebration with past participants Alliance City, Canton City, Lake Local, Marlington Local, Massillon City, Plain Local, Sandy Valley Local and Tuslaw Local schools. Elementary Schools For each elementary school, students can expect to see beautiful new posters around the schools. They will also receive a small post-it note for sending an encouraging messages … Continued