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Discipline vs Disciplined

By Mary Kreitz | January 19, 2023

At the start of each new year people traditionally make resolutions with the intention of improving their lives.  By a few weeks into the year, many of those resolutions have already been forgotten, broken, or abandoned.  This raises the question of how we can approach self-improvement goals in a more disciplined manner. What does that mean?  It might help to explore the meaning of the word “discipline.” What comes to mind when you think about discipline? For many people the answer is punishment.  Parents discipline their children for … Continued

What’s Inside the Wrapping Paper?

By Dr. Karita Nussbaum | December 11, 2022

This week I wrapped my gift for our office white elephant gift exchange. I’m the one that always gives the weird stuff at these gift exchanges. Many years ago, for a family white elephant gift exchange with the theme “snowman”, much to the horror of my aunt Ruth, I showed up with a 3-foot plastic snowman, the kind you used to see on porches and in yards. The rest of the family brought cute little ornaments, candles, and nick knacks. Not me! My cousin ended up with the … Continued

Does Santa Claus Drink Alcohol?

By Dr. Karita Nussbaum | November 30, 2022

Have you ever noticed that Santa Claus is never seen drinking alcohol in public places? Never mind the 681,000,000 results for images of Santa and alcohol online.  He’s an adult after all. It certainly could be argued that he deserves a nice glass of wine after his night of deliveries. Why is it that we never see Santa nestling a drink or slamming a shot? It’s actually against the law in Ohio to depict him in this way! Ohio Administrative Code 4301:1-44 (D)(4) says that “No advertising shall represent, … Continued

How mentally strong is your athlete?

By Dan Mucci | November 15, 2022

Does a strong physique for an athlete relate to them being strong with their mental health? Do old school coaches who verbally abuse high school and college athletes make the person “mentally tough” or do they instead about bring undo stress, anxiety, pressure and fear of making a mistake?   Does the yelling, barking and running for punishment tactics coaches use work to make the athlete mentally tough or tear the person down to the point where their performance hurts the team, their teammates and creates a dislike … Continued

Introducing C&A’s new Family Programming

By Dan Mucci | October 25, 2022

Family Programming is Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health’s newest program and specializes in offering parenting strategies for families who have toddlers and children struggling with behavioral issues to offering tips to parents of teenagers. Family Programming will offer this support through two different programs: Positive Parenting Program (Triple p) and Strengthening Families Program (SFP). The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is one of the world’s most effective parenting programs. It is one of the few based on evidence from ongoing … Continued

C&A ‘s Collegiate Fairs offers self-care tips, suicide prevention

By Dan Mucci | October 5, 2022

  College is an exciting time for families. For many young adults, making the transition from living under their parent’s roof to venturing out on their own and make their own decisions is exhilarating, stressful, fun and anxiety filled. The experience often includes meeting new friends, learning about different cultures and managing expectations or reaching out for help from professors. For some students, working their way through college while attending a non-residential campus or returning to school while supporting a family presents its own challenges. Child and Adolescent … Continued

What can a parent do if catching teenager sexting?

By Dr. Seandra Walker | September 26, 2022

In today’s ever fast-paced lifestyle, teenagers and their parents often pass each other during the day but struggle to find time for meaningful dialog. Once your child falls asleep for the night, you decide to check their phone. Scrolling through text messages and SnapChat conversations, shockingly you stumble across a picture of your child’s significant other showing off body private parts. Through the course of following the text message chain, you discover your child is encouraged or pressured to share images of their private parts. But then you … Continued

Sextortion exploits kids to send explicit photos/videos

By Dr. Seandra Walker | August 31, 2022

What is sextortion? Greek philosopher Heraclitus has been famously quoted as saying, “Change is the only constant in life.” More than 2,500 years later, this could not be truer regarding technology and the internet. Technology is always changing, as are the social dynamics of an online world.   Twenty years ago, parents warned their children of “creeps in AOL chatrooms.” Today, most parents are unaware of how predatory the internet truly is. “Stranger danger” has been hammered into children’s heads for decades: Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t accept … Continued

What is a QMHS? How are they different from a Case Manager or Therapist?

By Dan Mucci | August 16, 2022

Do you know what a Qualified Mental Health Specialist (QMHS) is and how they differ from a case manager or therapist? Most people have some knowledge regarding case management but are not as familiar with the term Qualified Mental Health Specialist. By definition, a case manager helps their patients understand their options concerning the specific situation they are dealing with at the time. A case manager is a liaison between patients and their treatments or care options. Case managers are available in a variety of areas including substance … Continued

What if weed is legalized in Ohio?

By Dr. Karita Nussbaum | July 26, 2022

Last summer, *The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol launched an effort to legalize marijuana use in Ohio for adults only. The proposed law, “Legalizes and regulates the cultivation, manufacture, testing and sale of marijuana and marijuana products to adults aged 21 and up. Legalizes home grow for adults aged 21 or older with a limit of six plants per person and 12 plants per household.” The proposal narrowly missed the deadline and will likely be on the ballot in 2023. Marijuana laws are changing at a rapid … Continued