Self-Care/Wellness Tip

Self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself so you can stay physically, mentally and emotionally well. It benefits us to better our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Research suggests self-care promotes positive health outcomes, such as fostering resilience, living longer and becoming better equipped to manage stress!

start taking compliments like a champ

take yourself out or stay in for a movie

your relationship with yourself is just as important as any other one

start taking compliments
take yourself out to movie
relationship with self

If someone tells you they love your outfit or are impressed by your work on a project, don't respond by denying it or putting yourself down. Instead, accept it and say, "thank you." It's not as challenging as you think, and it will make you feel really great about yourself in the process.

Need a mental break to destress? One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is buy a ticket to that movie you have been waiting to see or watching a movie on demand at home, curled up on the couch. Either way, a bowl of popcorn is a great snack to enjoy while watching the movie.

  1. Hang out with your friends.
  2. Treat yourself to a gift.
  3. Meditate or practice yoga.
  4. Make dinner for someone you love.
  5. Take a social media break.
  6. Do something that makes you smile.
  7. Write down what you are grateful for.

ask yourself, "what do i need?"

invest in yourself

think positively of yourself

Ask yourself
Invest in yourself
Think positiviely

You are always addressing the needs of others but asking yourself what you need is an exceptionally good way to not only be nicer to yourself, but to get what you hope for out of life. Keep the acronym H.A.L.T. as a reminder to ask yourself if you are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Often, physical and emotional needs can impact us negatively if we overlook them. By taking the time to tune in to what you need or are feeling, you can better choose how to care for yourself.

If you believe you can do something, don't wait another second to start making it happen. Invest in yourself by signing up for that class, starting that business or writing a book. Whatever it is, give yourself the chance to achieve it!

Everyone fails. Sure, you're going to feel bad when you do, but should you think about the negatives? Absolutely not. Instead, learn from those failures--then focus on your accomplishments. The positive mindset will help you grow-- in life and career.

get proper rest

try doing yoga

go on midday walks

get proper rest
do yoga
midday walks

It might be fun to stay up late watching movie after movie, but that's not being kind to your body--not even a little bit. Getting enough sleep every night--seven to nine hours--will help you stay fueled and feeling your best!

Yoga isn't just a great way to reap the many physical benefits of exercise, which includes everything from reducing chronic pain to increasing flexibility. It's fantastic for your emotional well-being. It can increase your self-compassion by reminding you that you deserve kindness, love and happiness just as much as anyone else.

After sitting at a desk for most of the day, one of the best things you can do for yourself is stepping away from your computer and heading outside into the sun for a nice walk. Getting a little Vitamin D will result in enough feel-good vibes to get you through the rest of the day.

ditch the scale

try daily affirmations

Stop obsessing over your past

ditch the scale
yes i can
past present future

Having a scale in your bathroom can help you reach your goals but published reports show that they can do some harm too--particularly to your body satisfaction and self-esteem. If having a scale tends to make you feel worse

You might feel silly jumping on the daily affirmation bandwagon and starting your day with semi-corny phrases like "I'm awesome" and "I'm important." The truth is it actually does a lot of good for your mental health and builds your self-worth in the process.

Nearly everyone has regrets from their past, but why keep beating yourself up over something that's impossible to change? Put an end to the what-ifs and start being a little nicer to yourself. Living in the moment is a much better place for you.

allow yourself to be vulnerable

celerate achievements

use up vacation days

allow yourself to be
celebrate goals
use up vacation days

Keeping your feelings locked up inside is a recipe for unhappiness. Don't be afraid to allow yourself to open up and be vulnerable about what matters to you. Part of treating yourself with kindness is making sure you're able to speak your truth, even if it's about something that seems silly or insignificant.

When you hit one of your goals, big or small, that is cause for celebration. Whether it is finally finishing a mile on the treadmill without stopping or getting positive feedback from your boss, every win is worthy of some praise, especially from yourself. Always remember, no one will celebrate you like you! Pat yourself on the back, throw your own parties and enjoy 'you' to the fullest.

It might seem like the office will burn up in flames without you around to keep things in order, but don't let that stop you from getting away. You deserve to take your vacation days, too. Instead of brushing those hours of freedom to the side, use them by doing something you've always wanted to do.

Take advantage of personal days

change the way you criticize yourself

don't get down about clothing sizes

take advantage of personal days
relationship with self
dont get down about clothes size

If you wake up feeling kind of blah, consider using a personal day to do things that will make you feel like your happy self again. After all, you have mental health days for a reason. Put them to good use, whether catching up on projects at home or making it to your favorite workout class.

It is easy to be super critical of yourself when you do something wrong. But instead of tearing yourself apart, build yourself up. You can do this by first reframing the criticism and accepting what happened, then by figuring out a way to grow from it and have a better outcome the next time around.

It might not feel like it some days, but your clothing size is just a number. That's it--a measly little number. Instead of focusing on that minor detail, look for clothing you love that puts your self-confidence at an all-time high.