Stark County Schools Mental Health Week is Back!

What an eventful school year it has been! As students anxiously anticipate the relaxing summer months ahead, we want to pause and celebrate the mental health journey each student, teacher and parent has taken this past year—Happy Stark County Schools Mental Health Week!


This year, C&A has some exciting new additions for the third annual Stark County Schools Mental Health Week taking place May 3-7. Canton Local, Jackson Local and Louisville City schools have joined the mental health celebration with past participants Alliance City, Canton City, Lake Local, Marlington Local, Massillon City, Plain Local, Sandy Valley Local and Tuslaw Local schools.

Elementary Schools

For each elementary school, students can expect to see beautiful new posters around the schools. They will also receive a small post-it note for sending an encouraging messages to themselves or a friend. Lines like “You make me smile!” or “I am smart, I am brave, I am strong!” will help these kids remember how special they are and how much they matter to those around them. C&A wants to ensure each child knows how much they are cared for, so elementary students will also hear a positive morning announcement every day of Mental Health Week.

4158_2 Elementary Poster
4158_3 FINAL_Middle School C&A_Poster

Middle and Intermediate Schools

In addition to posters, the middle and intermediate schools will each receive a color-changing pencil with the message “You Matter” on it. These pencils can be used in a similar way to the elementary post-it notes. Students can use them to write positive notes to friends or draw something that makes them feel happy. It’s important that these youth understand different ways of expressing themselves in constructive ways.

High Schools

The most exciting updates to Stark County Schools Mental Health Week will occur for the high school students. This year, C&A asked all participating high schools to select *students to represent their district in a unity video. C&A wants to help teens understand there are many resources available to them—that they are not alone in their mental health journey. In addition to the unity video, these selected students will appear on new posters in each high school and will be featured in another set of videos to discuss ways to handle the mental strain caused by COVID-19. Check out C&A’s YouTube channel for the full playlist of videos.

*Student mental health champions volunteered to be part of this important initiative and are not clients of C&A.

4158_9 High School C&A Poster

Partners and Sponsors

This week would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and partners. AultCare’s marketing staff designed and provided all the posters, pencils and notepads for students. C&A is also very grateful to StarkMHAR for their continued support and partnership throughout this event.

Thank you to the school administrators, staff, and students who participated in the video and poster endeavors and to other teachers and staff for sharing in these activities with their students.

At the end of the week, C&A will be partnering with Q92 to appear at their Sobriety Week event at Lake High School and bring a day of activities and resources to the students. High school students with a competitive streak may enjoy a round of Giant Jenga where the blocks will feature positive mental health messages and self-care tips. Other students can create mini mindfulness jars with colorful glitter and stickers. Additionally, markers will be provided so students can add their own positive message to a banner that will hang in the school following the event.

For more information regarding C&A’s mission to raise mental health awareness with school-aged kids, please contact Melissa Coultas at 330-454-7917, ext. 117 or email