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How can you tell if your student athlete is struggling with their mental health?

Parenting a teenager is challenging with hormonal changes and mood swings. Add in the pressure of playing one or more sports plus the academic side of school, and it is easy to see why some students-athletes will struggle with their mental health.


Sitting on the sidelines watching your child participate in athletic competition is suppose to be a fun experience. Oftentimes, parents are left not enjoying going to games after watching their son/daughter sweat year round only to see minimal playing time.


Dr. Steve Graef, a Columbus-based sports psychologist and performance coach, who is the owner of Mindurance, a collection of mental fitness communities dedicated to helping like-minded people develop mental fitness through virtual group coaching and online communities . Dr. Graef provides tips for parents to monitor their kids mental health in a positive.


Dr. Graef's advice is to provide empathy for your student-athlete. He also suggest putting yourself in your athlete's shoes. Dr. Graef will provide videos and tips sheets to help parents navigate ways to be supportive of their athlete's mental health while also helping to recognize signs he or she maybe struggling.


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