Let Your Light Shine – Southern Nights: Illuminating Hope and Mental Health Awareness for the Younger Generation

For the last few months, C&A has been diligently preparing for the 18th Annual Let Your Light Shine – Southern Nights presented by The Repository by organizing auction items, printing tickets and using their creativity to make sure that eventgoers feel as though they are walking into an evening in the south, with barrels and lanterns to boot. The committee, led by chair Jen Frey and co-chair Molly Sperling and auction chair Stacy Remark are hard at work, it’s crucial to remember that this event raises awareness and dollars to support the agency’s programs and services amid suicide prevention and awareness month.


As children and young adults navigate life, they often must face new pressures due to physical, emotional and psychological changes that coincide with growing up. These unfamiliar feelings and thought processes can be challenging to adapt to, sometimes leading a young individual to seek alternative ways to cope with their circumstances. Shockingly, suicide is the second leading cause of death for individuals aged 15-29, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the contributing factors to this statistic is the limited accessibility of mental health services to young people.

According to Mental Health America, an alarming 59.8% of youth with major depression did not receive mental health treatment of any kind. Numerous factors contribute to why many children and adolescents do not seek this treatment. Some may not know where to start, while others may fear the societal stigma attached to mental health issues, hindering them from seeking support. Many people, however, are just simply unable to afford therapy without insurance coverage.



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Nationally, 1.2 million youth who are covered under private insurance do not have coverage for mental or emotional difficulties, as reported by Mental Health America. This not only expresses the gravity of the situation, but it also seems to highlight the inequality that prevents a significant portion of the population from getting the help that they need.

C&A is committed to combating this inequality by striving to provide assistance to those in need, regardless of their status. Events like Let Your Light Shine play a pivotal role in making their services more accessible and affordable.

The Let Your Light Shine – Southern Nights event serves as more than just a fundraising initiative; it’s a glimmer of hope for many children and parents who initially thought that mental health care didn’t have them in mind. By participating in this event, you are contributing to breaking down barriers and ensuring mental health resources are accessible to all.  The symbol of the light represents life. This light is fueled by community, which is what Let Your Light Shine is all about. A community coming together that understands the importance and impact of mental health on the younger generation, and in doing this, we hope to make it a brighter future for all.



Let Your Light Shine is Sept. 23 from 6-9 PM at the Double Tree Hilton in Canton, 320 Market Ave. N. In conjunction with the live auction, participants have the opportunity to purchase a grand raffle ticket for $25 and have the chance to win $2,500. This year’s grand raffle is sponsored by Schauer Group.

Use this link to become a sponsor, purchase event tickets, bid on live auction items presented by Huntington Bank and purchase grand raffle tickets - https://onecau.se/lyls

For more information, visit www.childandadolescent.org or call Abbey Van Auken at 330-454-7917, ext. 141.

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