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Larissa Haring

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Larissa Haring has worked with the early and middle childhood population for 19 years.  Working as a childcare center teacher/administrator and a public preschool teacher has led to her passion to understand child development and challenging behavior. She has been working under the direction of Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to provide professional development in the areas of early childhood social/emotional development, Autism and language delays and behavior management. Haring’s understanding of developmental disabilities, Autism spectrum disorder and early childhood trauma has complimented her offerings of professional development and current consultation with early childhood caregivers.  With a background in both education and mental health, Haring is a wonderful resource to help bridge the two worlds together.

A mother of four children, ranging from ages of 9 to 15, Haring enjoys her free time with her family.

Haring has a Bachelor of Science degree in education, specific to mild/moderate disabilities K –12, with additional coursework in early childhood from Kent State University and a master’s degree in clinical counseling from Malone University, which led her to becoming a licensed professional counselor.


Fun facts about Larissa:

Favorite ice cream: No ice cream, just cupcakes!
Favorite pizza: Buffalo Chicken
Her favorite children’s book: No Matter What
Hobbies: Loves baking so much, she is dubbed the Cupcake Queen