Kim Cernansky2

Eastern Stark County has been Kim Cernansky’s base since she started at C & A in 2002. She initially started out working as an outpatient therapist before moving to a school-based therapist at Alliance and Louisville City Schools and Marlington Local Schools. Currently, Cernansky is the assistant clinical officer for program development, the school-based consultation services program manager and client rights officer as well as a supervisor and school-based therapist in Marlington. She previously provided group therapy sessions at Pegasus Farms for nearly 10 years.

She explained her passion for school-based services. “To be there in the moment for a kiddo is so important. Sometimes more important than 2+2. To be readily available for any kiddo to coach, guide and just listen may make the world of difference for a child that is struggling. Their focus at that moment may not be school. We are there to help them get through whatever challenges they may be facing to be the successful student/child we know they can be.”Cernansky earned her bachelor of arts degree from Mount Union College and her master of science in social administration from Case Western Reserve University.


Fun Facts about Kim:

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate/Peanut Butter
Favorite pizza: Victorio’s Pizza (a little mom and pop shop in Alliance)
Favorite Children’s story: Love you Forever by Robert Munsch (grab the tissues)
Hobbies: I coach my daughter’s cheer squad. Working out, walking my adorable Golden-doodle, Murphy, and spending time with my husband and 3 kids. The family is big movie buffs and enjoy watching Superhero movies.