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Dr. Seandra Walker came to C&A in 2016 as a doctoral intern, then became a post-doctoral fellow and is now the Sexually Inappropriate Behavior Remediation (SIBR) Program Manager. The program consists of three components: full treatment for adjudicated youth with sexual offenses, healthy sexuality for youth completing court-ordered diversion programming (as well as youth referred from the community) and psychological evaluations for court-referred adolescents.

Dr. Walker is a licensed clinical psychologist. Her doctoral research and clinical experience has focused on assessing and treating traumatized youth. Dr. Walker understands that every child and their family are unique and require individualized treatment and care. She believes in developing

healthy and effective coping strategies by identifying and utilizing an individual’s strengths to support resiliency and life-long success.

Dr. Walker is committed to collaboration with members of the juvenile justice system, child protective services, community members and other mental health providers. Such efforts hope to raise awareness regarding the unique needs of youth who have demonstrated problem sexual behaviors. Development of healthy sexuality and relationships is also a key focus. As part of her commitment, Dr. Walker sits on the multidisciplinary team at Children’s Network of Stark County Child Advocacy Center.

Dr. Walker earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colorado State University, and her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical child psychology from Louisiana State University.


Fun Facts about Seandra:

Favorite Ice Cream:  Cookies and cream
Favorite Pizza: Buffalo chicken
Favorite quote:  “See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.”
Hobbies: Cooking for others, Fantasy Football, laughing, and spending time with good people