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Playing high school sports has changed during the past few decades. What once was a playing a sport for three months has turned into a year round commitment. This commitment started in youth sports with travel teams, performance and agility workouts and perhaps working with a private coach.


The demands of playing high school sports, with expectations to perform well in the classroom, perhaps playing multi sports or other extracurricular activities and maybe working a part-time job can place a toll on your mental and physical health.


C&A has partnered with Dr. Steve Graef, a Columbus-based sports psychologist and performance coach, and the owner of Mindurance. a mental fitness communities dedicated to helping like-minded people develop mental fitness through virtual group coaching and online community.


Dr. Graef will provide tips in the forms of videos and tip sheets to help you stay mentally fit and help you recognize when you maybe struggling and tips to get back on track.


What is my life like as a student athlete?

As an athlete, how can I overcome a mental or physical injury?

How does an athlete receive, perceive and understand what a coach has communicated?

How is an athlete impacted by playing multi-sports?

What should an athlete post on social media?

As an athlete, senior season is special - a final chance to pay with life-long friends. Here are tips to savor that moment

Tip Sheets

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