Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (C&A) was named the #1 best non-profit to work for in Canton, Ohio by Zippia.com. A full time employee at C&A is eligible for the following benefits: Medical insurance, dental insurance, 401K, flexible hours, annual seniority increases and paid vacation. Additionally, clinicians have the opportunity for monthly bonus opportunities and tuition reimbursements.


Therapists Opportunities

Clinical Therapist

Stark, Wayne & Holmes Counties

Now more than ever, mental and behavioral health care for kids is needed in our community. Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health is looking to meet the growing demands by hiring full-time clinical therapists.


  • In addition to conducting Individual and Family Therapy, duties and opportunities may include conducting Diagnostic/Comprehensive Assessments and Mental Health Consultation & Prevention.
  • Positions may be school-based, office-based and/or community-based, but likely to include services in each of these settings, including client homes.
  • Populations served may range from early childhood to transition-aged adolescent and young adults with a wide range of diagnoses and presenting problems.
  • Flexibility to work after school and evenings (some evening hours are required to accommodate family schedules and ensure family involvement in services), and possibly Saturdays.

An amazing clinical position providing Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) is available servicing clients in Stark County Ohio. Multi-Systemic Therapy is a researched and evidenced based therapy that’s been proven to be effective in changing the behaviors and lives of youth and their families. For more information related to research and outcomes visit mstservices.com

Along with achieving positive outcomes with your clients there are many other great aspects to being an MST therapist:

  • Flexible/Non-traditional schedule to meet your needs and your clients needs
  • Therapists carry low case loads of 4-6 clients to allow for flexibility and increased attention to families

Additional Career Opportunities

Day Treatment Interventional Specialist

Diagnostic assessor

Peer advocate

The Trauma Focused Day Treatment Behavior Interventionist will partner with TIDTx teachers and therapists to create and implement an academic/behavioral program of study that meets individual learner needs, interests and abilities.  This paraprofessional will be a member of a psycho-educational multi-disciplinary team which serves to lead severely emotionally and behaviorally disturbed youth to maximize their intellectual, emotional and psychological growth and development.  We need classroom and floater staff.

  • Additional job responsibilities include:
  • Provides individual and small group practice of academic skills introduced by the teacher.
  • Provides behavior management assistance, support, and intervention to TIDTx youth and staff:  monitoring youth in the comfort room, verbal de-escalation, behavioral coaching and rehearsal, problem-solving, self-regulation skill development.
  • Establishing, modeling, and reinforcing appropriate positive relationship building skills with youth.
  • Crisis intervention, de-escalation, physical holding.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of individual behavior therapy plans, especially of the youth being tagged.
  • Provides effective direct and indirect supervision of clients at all times.
  • Contributes to the multi-disciplinary team by actively participating in treatment planning and coordination meetings as appropriate.
  • Assists with maintaining classroom and programmatic records and data including but not limited to the following: info for report cards and IEP tracking, attendance, youth achievement records, daily passport, youth behavior rating sheet, and critical incident reports as needed using computer and internet resources.
  • Assisting with Summer Programming.
  • Duties include conducting Diagnostic/Comprehensive Mental Health Assessments; will likely be based at Belden Office, must be willing to fill in as needed at the Plain, Alliance, and/or Shipley Offices.


  • Individual must be willing to complete Assessments two (2) evenings per week until 8:00 p.m., on Fridays, and must be willing to be mobile to meet client needs if requested (e.g. Assessing at schools). Some assessments may be completed via telehealth if requested by clients.

Provide positive peer role modeling, emotional support, and life skills to youth and young adults with mental, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges in our community.


Ideal candidate is a young adult who has been a past recipient of services in the child-serving system (mental health, foster care, juvenile justice).  Must have desire and ability to serve as a positive role model and mentor to youth in need of direction and support. Candidate must have a valid driver’s license, auto insurance and use of personal vehicle.  Peer certification preferred, or you will be required to attend trainings to become a certified peer.

Clinical Engagement Specialist

Case Manager

Standard MST Clinical Supervisor

  • Contact clients who do not attend scheduled appointments.
  • Identify and help resolve barriers to treatment.
  • Collaborate with therapists, case managers, and peer specialists to identify engagement goals for treatment planning.
  • Generate various letters to clients regarding attendance requirements.
  • Notify therapists, case managers, and peer specialists if clients need discharged.
  • Assist clients with linkage to C&A or other community resources as indicated.
  • Contact post-hospital clients to coordinate transitions and engagement in services.
  • Document clear and comprehensive contact notes in client chart.
  • Participate in trainings as determined by supervisor to develop and reinforce skills necessary to competently serve designated populations.
  • Related responsibilities as assigned.



• Provide home, school, and community-based CM billable and non-billable
interventions and services.
• Provide individual and family based parenting and behavioral intervention and
support, along with social, emotional, and developmentally appropriate skill
• Assess individual needs and link, coordinate, advocate, and assist with
community-based resources as needed to stabilize and meet service goals and

  • Carry clinical and administrative supervisory responsibilities for 1-2 MST Standard Teams of 2-4 Therapists each.
  • Conduct weekly group supervision and training for MST team to assure adherence to MST principles and the MST analytic process, and to assure clinician competency in implementation of interventions.
  • Conduct individual supervision as needed to target clinician competency needs and to remove individual barriers to effective implementation of MST treatment.
  • Assure availability of clinical and administrative support to clinicians 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, both external in the community and within C&A.
  • Promote and educate about MST with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Generate and manage case referrals and help clinicians manage caseloads.
  • Collaborate actively with MST Expert around implementation of MST by the program, and to ensure continued development of own clinical skills and knowledge of relevant research.
  • Manage and report data on clinical outcomes and program practices.
  • Assure that supervisees complete and submit required documentation within expected timeframes; assure that clinical records for self and supervisees are accurate and complete.
  • Complete Performance Evaluations following agency protocols.
  • Participate in Quality Improvement activities which benefit clients, staff, and C&A. Orient new therapists and staff to C&A as requested.
  • Participates on Clinical Supervisors’ Team, Leadership Council, and other agency Panels as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned.


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