A self-care kit with a journal, motivational chips, Gatorade powder, magnets with emergency mental health contact numbers, Pass Kit cards and a stress ball will be available for every student that stops by the C&A booth on campus. The kits remind students of small, tangible activities they can do everyday to help reduce their stress and anxiety.

Positive Impact Journals – There are several reasons why journaling is food for your health.

  • Boosts your mood
  • Enhances you sense of well being
  • Reduces symptoms of depression/anxiety before an important event (i.e. exam)
  • Improves working memory
  • Calms and clears your mind
  • Just start by opening your journal or blank piece of paper and write something positive that happened today.   

  –Positive Psychology

Motivationl notepads

Positive Affirmation Chips These chips are a really easy way to give young adults a boost, especially if they are having a bad day. These chips enable students to recognize someone cares for them.

Positive Affirmation Chips

Gatorade powder stick – Gatorade is known as a sports drink. After young adults work out, this Gatorade powder mixed with water will help young people rehydrate, replace glycogen stores (sugar that is stored in the muscles and replace electrolytes). 

Gatorage Zero Pack

Emergency contact number magnet -This magnet badge displays each school's name on the badge. This badge features emergency local and national mental health contact numbers as well as each school's counseling phone number. This is a great resource for students struggling with their mental health.


P.A.S.S. Kit Cards – Students will receive 50 Panic, Anxiety, Stress and Support cards. The 50 cards are broken down into five different catergories - your body, your mind, your feelings and relationships, your lifestyle - with positive mental health tips and strategies for college students to continue to build their resiliency skills. 

PASS Kit cards

Information on Suicide Prevention

The Self-Care Kit

Self care bag 9.28
Items in Self Care red bags