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Sarah Hough

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Sarah Hough is passionate and dedicated to working with young children and their families.  She began her professional career working with children in early childhood centers as an early childhood educator before seeking additional education to advocate and improve the lives of young children.

Hough has been working with young children and their families at C&A since October of 2010. She started out as early childhood therapist/assessor and moved to Race to the Top Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant and Regional Trainer before transitioning into prevention services supervisor.  Recently, she was named prevention program manager.  In addition, Hough is certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Positive Parenting Program (PPP), Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Program (DECA), Incredible Years and Dina Dinosaur.

Hough enjoys assisting and encouraging clients, families and others to find positives, strengths and confidence in themselves and in every situation they encounter.

Hough’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies from St. Joseph College in West Hartford, Conn., and a master’s degree in applied social sciences and administration from Case Western Reserve University.


Sarah’s favorites:

Favorite ice cream: Rocky Road
Favorite pizza: Luigi's Bianco
Favorite children’s book: Charlotte's Web
Hobbies: Watching Ohio State football with her husband, shopping, reading and listening to music.