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Lisa Cioffi

Lisa Cioffi2

Every college class and employment opportunity were a step that led Lisa Cioffi down a path she didn’t necessary plan to take but led to a career she would not give up for anything.

Cioffi, the Multi-systematic Therapy (MST)/Multi-systematic Problem Sexual Behavioral Therapy (MST-PSB) program manager, started out her career in Summit County Children Services (SCCS). During her time with SCCS as a case aid, she oversaw/supervised visits parents had with their children. Through her employment with SCCS, she was able to earn her master’s degree. When some of her co-workers left SCCS in pursue of other employment opportunities, they suggested she apply for an MST position. Now, she can’t imagine doing anything else.

An Akron native, Cioffi earned her bachelor's degree in family development from the University of Akron (UA) and a later earned

master’s degree in community counseling from the UA.

Cioffi, who has been an MST Clinician for nine years, started at Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (C&A) in August of 2018 following the closing of Crisis Intervention Recovery Center (CIRC). C&A inherited the services provided by CIRC. Before becoming the MST/MST-PSB program manager for C&A, she was an MST/MST-PSB supervisor.


Fun Facts About Lisa:

Favorite Ice Cream: Strickland’s
Favorite pizza: New York style
Favorite Children’s book: Charlotte’s Web
Hobbies: Yoga