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Glennon J Karr – Ethics Presentation

Glenn Karr is an Attorney in Columbus who has been very involved for many years dealing with legal issues relating to the mental health field. He teaches courses on HIPAA, confidentiality and duty to protect, as well as on licensing board ethical issues. He serves as legal counsel to many mental health organizations around the State of Ohio.


This workshop will provide an overview of potential problem areas involving high conflict divorce/custody situations, records issues, including releasing records and responding to subpoenas, identifying who is the client and protecting confidentiality, dealing with borderline and other high risk clients, releasing test data, child abuse and other abuse reporting statutes, duty to protect situations and obligations, HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule compliance and obtaining peer review and/or legal consultation when faced with problems. Various laws and rules which impact these areas will be identified and discussed, and ways to handle the various issues will be provided.