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Dr. Queener – Multicultural Supervision Training

John Queener, Jr., Ph.D., is a professor and teaches graduate courses in the Counseling Psychology Program at The University of Akron. He writes and publishes research in the areas of multicultural issues, culturally specific interventions, retention and African American males and resistance to multiculturalism. Dr. Queener currently serves as the program director of Minority Behavioral Health Group, a non-profit organization founded to reduce mental health disparities for African Americans and other under-served populations.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with the awareness, knowledge and skills to provide competent multicultural supervision. Participants will partake in activities that increase their cultural awareness, increase their knowledge of cultural information and learn how to apply multicultural supervision skills through case examples.

Participants will learn these three objectives:

  • Understand how cultural variables affect clinical supervision.
  • Describe the components of multicultural supervision.
  • How to integrate multicultural issues into clinical supervision.