Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health (C&A) is partnering with Stark County Colleges and Universities the week of Oct. 21 to 25 for a Collegiate Self Care Fair. The first event of its kind to unite Stark Count's higher education institution together for one week to bring awareness to mental health and the importance of self-care. C&A is partnering with Kent State University-Stark Campus, Malone University, Walsh University, and Stark State College.

We will be providing a few different activities throughout the week in part to a grant received from the Ohio Program for Campus Safety and Mental Health. The week will start off with a Social Media Kick off. The various activities on each campus include C&A peer-to-peer counselors Bianca Hooten and Jonny Rice; guest speaker Angie Haze of the Angie Haze Project and a D'Stress Lounge.


Peer-to-Peer Counselors

The Angie Haze Project

D'Stress Lounge

Our peer-to-peer counselors will speak to students about life experiences, and how to overcome the challenges college throws at you. For example, they will discuss how to balance a job and school at the same time. For students at commuter schools, they can help students in applying to rent an apartment or get utilities for their apartment.

For the Angie Haze Project, she will be sharing her story of abuse and how she overcome it to live a productive life. Angie Haze was sexually abused as a teenager by a family member, and used music to overcome her trauma. Haze has written 36 pieces of music.

Angie Haze’s mission with the Angie Haze Project is to share her story through music, bring awareness to mental health issues and provide people with strength and hope.


The D'Stress Lounge will provide a few different activities for students. The lounge will be a place that allow students to relax through calming music. C&A will provide tips on the importance of sleep, exercise, and nutrition. There will be make and take students and snacks for students to take.

The week's Schedule

Kent State Stark:

Oct. 21: Peer-to-Peer

Oct.22: D'Stress Lounge

Oct. 24: Angie Haze Project

Malone University:

Oct 22: Angie Haze Project

Oct 23: Peer-to-Peer

Oct. 24: D'Stress Lounge

Stark State College:

Oct. 22: Peer-to-Peer

Oct. 23: D'Stress Lounge

Oct. 31: Angie Haze Project

Walsh University:

Oct. 24: D'Stress Lounge

Final Cling 1


Each college and university will have their own mental health counselor available at the event. Students are welcome to meet them, and learn more about what their college offers.

C&A will provide clings that will be hung throughout each college, and university that brings awareness to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK, and the Crisis Text Line 741741.

This week will end with an Instagram contest, where students are to take a picture doing a positive mental health activity and post it on instagram tagging C&A's instagram account, @childadoescenthealth, and including the hashtag #SelfCareSelfie. Students that are competing in the contest can win a gift card.

Use Final banner poster 10-4