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COVID-19 teaching collegiate skills independent life skills

By Dan Mucci | March 31, 2020

At the outbreak of the pandemic COVID 19 virus, The Ohio State University was the first university in Ohio to shut down in-person learning and move to online learning for the rest of the school year. Soon, one-by-one, big and small colleges and universities in Ohio followed in their footsteps. Upon closing their doors to in-person learning, soon thereafter, students were asked to move out of their dorm rooms and move home the rest of the semester. Many collegiate-age students either where they were attending school or commuting, … Continued

Reckless youth attitude: I will not get COVID-19

By Mary Kreitz | March 26, 2020

You’ve probably seen the pictures, teens and young adults crowding the beaches in Florida, completely ignoring the warnings about contagion and recommendations for social distancing. What are they thinking? There isn’t a simple explanation. Teens and young adults aren’t a homogenous group. They don’t all think alike and they don’t all have the same reasons for doing what they do. There are a number of factors and perspectives that contributed to young people behaving the way they do. Underestimated Risk – Many young people have a hard time … Continued

The Impact of COVID-19 on high school students

By Mary Kreitz | March 20, 2020

Reactions to the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 have caused a great many changes to daily life in recent days.  One group particularly affected by these changes is high school students.  They are facing challenges this year that have never happened before on this scale. How high school students are affected by school closures School provides structure and routine to the lives of students.  Following the routine of getting up at a certain time, going to classes at specific times and coming home at a certain time provides a sense of … Continued

C&A provides tips for families during the COVID-19

By Dan Mucci | March 17, 2020

The Corona Virus is presenting challenges Americans have not faced at any other time in our country. Certainly, there have been viruses – the chicken pox and polio – and economic challenges. Americans have faced other challenges in the form of war, the stock market crash and 9/11. The challenges today are different, yet the same as fear and anxiety of the unknown is a difficult task. In addition, routines are changing for households as children are learning from home for at least the next three weeks. Parents … Continued

Raising Problem Solvers Who Think Outside The Box

By Larissa Haring | March 16, 2020

This can be a scary and challenging world sometimes.  Do you want children to feel confident they can handle most conflicts and be good problem-solvers? Do you want children to be able to think quickly and clearly in a crisis? Do you want children to have healthy coping strategies when they are in stressful situations? Raising resilient children requires us as caregivers to walk next to them, guide, encourage and teach.  We all learn from those who make us feel safe.  Think of your safe person.  What do … Continued

Let Your Light Shine Fundraiser

By Dan Mucci | March 5, 2020

Bright, dazzling lights filling the room. Vivid brilliant colors draping every inch. Aerial artists dropping from the Great Court ceiling. Jugglers walking around performing. A dazzling array of other performances will highlight Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health’s (C&A) 15th annual Let Your Light Shine (LYLS) fundraiser on April 4, with all proceeds benefiting the agency. This year’s theme is Cirque de Lumiere. What’s new? This year’s event will feature new twists to the traditional event. Previous LYLS events had a casino or gaming table theme. This year’s one-of-a-kind … Continued

Loving Limits

By Larissa Haring | February 19, 2020

Loving limits help surround our children with a sense of safety, consistently and trust. Why are these things so important? We all need to know the rules, the boundaries and the expectations. When we know what the expectations are, we are able to function and succeed. When the expectations are unclear or change often, fear and anxiety set in. When you need to travel somewhere new or unknown, your own anxiety can be triggered. How do I get there? What is the address? What is the speed limit, … Continued

Teaching and validating your child’s feelings

By Larissa Haring | February 3, 2020

Calm down, you’re okay! What does that really mean?  If I would have told my three-year-old that in the middle of Target while she was screaming and melting down…. would she have known what I meant? When you are having a really bad day, someone looks at you and says, “Smile”, you instantly feel like your problems are solved, right?  So wrong.  You feel like telling that person where to go, rolling your eyes or perhaps even using an unkind gesture. The reality is being told to calm … Continued

Prevent the Meltdowns by Keeping Your Cool

By Larissa Haring | January 21, 2020

  Why is my child acting like this? The tantrums or meltdowns that come from nowhere, being afraid to say no or change plans.  Thinking to ourselves “why can’t we just have a good day?”  “I know I love my child, why is it so hard?” You are not alone Feeling like you keep talking, saying the same things over and over… then wondering… Am I speaking a different language?  Do they understand me? The truth is sometimes our children are the ones using a different language, their … Continued

Winter affecting your mood is ‘SAD’

By Dan Mucci | January 6, 2020

The bright lights, glitter and glamour of the holiday season has faded into the backdrop for another year. Darkness surrounds Northeastern Ohioans when they wake up and when they leave work. Oftentimes, the daylight hours are gray. As winter trudges forward, we start to gain a minute of daylight each day. For many people, children and adults alike, the winter is often a depressing time of the year. Psychologist have a definition for the feelings people are experiencing – seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Individuals with SAD find themselves … Continued