Mandated Reporting

By Dan Mucci | June 10, 2019

“We are all mandated reporters,” said Mary Kreitz, trauma program manager and group services director for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health, speaking during at a training session. What does a mandated reporter mean and how does this apply to me? If you as a clinician suspect that a child has been abused or is being abused or neglected, you as a clinician are legally required to report the abuse. When reporting an abusive situation, what information does the clinician need to have when answering the questions over the … Continued

DBT assists adolescents with emotional challenges

By Dan Mucci | May 28, 2019

Does your child/teenager get extremely emotional? How does your teenager manage those emotions and develop skills to cope with those problems and negative thoughts or feelings? Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (C & A) offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy  (DBT) to help children develop and cope with these emotional challenges. DBT DBT is a cognitive-behavioral therapy developed in the late 1980s by psychologist Marsha M. Linehan. The treatment focuses on helping people to better manager their emotions and develop skills to cope with problems and negative feelings. What is … Continued

The Culture of Vaping

By Dan Mucci | May 13, 2019

Vaping isn’t a just an alternative to smoking cigarettes – it has emerged into more of a culture. As such, the vaping cultures have grown to include trade shows, fairs and conventions/expos. These trade shows offer an array of products, vendors, seminars, social interactions with other vapers, parties, gifts, vaping contests and other activities. These conventions present a unique opportunity for vape enthusiasts to mingle and network with other vapers and vape manufacturers. The products available to buy include phone covers, headphones and earbuds, shirts, hoodies and hats, … Continued

Celebrating Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

By Dan Mucci | May 6, 2019

 May is National Mental Health Awareness month. Nationally, more attention is being focused on the mental health crisis that is taking place across the country. Television shows such as A Million Little Things and soap operas such as General Hospital are increasing awareness to this topic. C&A partners with TD’s Tailgate Locally, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (C&A) is spotlighting the month by partnering with TD’s Tailgate Restaurant, 1645 N. Main St., North Canton. Throughout the month of May, for every person eating at TDs, servers will be … Continued

This is our first blog – Vaping

By Dan Mucci | April 29, 2019

Welcome to Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health’s blog. Below is our first blog post. We will be making a blog post on an every other week basis. We hope you enjoy and share our content. The History of Vaping In the 1950s and 1960s, viewing a celebrity or average citizens on the street with a cigar or cigarette was common place, accepted by society. That view point changed as medical personnel discovered the harmful effects of smoking. Cigarettes having been slowly fading from society as many cities and … Continued