Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health has established many collaborations throughout its 47-year history. These collaborations include various Stark County agencies, school districts and the Stark County Court system.

C & A’s collaborative partners are Stark County Mental Health and Addictive Recovery (StarkMHAR), Stark Help Central, City School Districts, County School Districts, Preschools, Family Court, Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Jobs and Family Services, Head Start, Family Council, Early Childhood Resource Center and United Way.

Boys and Girls Club of Massillon

The Boys & Girls Club impacts the lives of young people in vital areas such as academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. Club programs and activities help kids thrive.

The Boys & Girls Club of Massillon provides a tangible measure of hope. The Club offers young people what they need and want most: adults who respect and listen to them; a safe environment where they can have fun and be themselves; and interesting, constructive activities that channel energy into challenging pursuits.
Every year, more than 1200 boys & girls at- risk and in need are taking advantage of the programs, activities and services provided throughout the year by the Boys & Girls Club of Massillon.

City School Districts

C & A has agreements with Alliance City, Canton City and Massillon City schools to provide school-based consultation services within their school district. These agreements place C & A clinicians in the elementary, middle and high school setting. The school-based clinicians work on school premises.

County School Districts

C & A has agreements with Lake Local, Marlington Local, Plain Local, Sandy Valley Local and Tuslaw Local schools to provide school-based consultation services within their school districts. Starting in August with the 2019 school year, These agreements place C & A clinicians in the elementary, middle and high school setting. The school-based clinicians working in the school buildings.

Early Childhood Resource Center
The Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) was established in 2000 as a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System. The Center was created to improve the quality of early education and care by providing professional development, accreditation courses, technical assistance and mentoring for early childhood professionals.

The ECRC provides parenting education sessions. There are three classes for parents: Active Parenting Now, Parent Café and 24/7 Dad. The ECRC collaborates with many agencies and community initiatives including Right Path for Fathers, THREIVE and the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services. In addition to the parenting classes, they offer peer support groups, individual coaching and job readiness services.

The mission of ECRC is promote the healthy development of young children by strengthening families, improving the quality of early learning experiences, increasing school and community readiness, and informing public policy.

The ECRC also works with Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK) program provides a kindergarten readiness advantage for families with preschool-age children.

We do training and the OWL program.

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Head Start
C&A offers early childhood consultation services to Head Start. Clinicians will go to any of their locations in Stark County and work with Head Start’s staff. C&A receives referrals from Head Start for treatment services.

Head Start offers full and half-day center based classes for children ages birth to five years of age and home based services for children birth to three years.

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Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services

C & A clinicians are mandated reporters. As mandated reporters, if a clinician suspects or has proof of child abuse, the clinician will report the abuse to the Department of Jobs and Family Services (DJFS). To make a report, individuals must have a description of alleged abuse or neglect and have the current location of the child.

If possible, if a person has this information, you should be able to provide your name and phone number, family’s name and address, non-custodial parent’s name and address, name(s) of child(ren) in the home, date(s) of birth or age(s), school (s) and grade(s), explanation for concerns of abuse and neglect and school attendance, grades and behaviors of child(ren).

C&A also provides our menu of services to children, youth, young adults and families involved with DJFS.

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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is offered in different levels of intensity throughout the county to local childcare centers.  Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) focuses on meeting the social, emotional and behavioral health need of young children and their families. ECMHC works closely with those at risk for abuse, neglect and poor social and emotional health. ECMHC assists early childcare staff, programs and families on improving their ability to prevent, identify and respond to mental health issues among children in their care. ECMHC offers assistance to reducing problem behaviors in young children while promoting positive social and emotional development.

The ECMHC Program focuses on enhancing teacher-classroom management skills, building resiliency within the classroom and throughout the school in efforts of reducing the number of problematic and challenging behaviors. The program utilizes both a comprehensive Consultation Model, the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) Preschool Program and Child-Adult relationship enhancement (CARE) to achieve these goals. Through these assessment programs, teachers and families learn specific ways to support the social and emotional development of young children, improve school readiness and later academic success. This is accomplished by building protective factors in young children’s lives, increasing competencies and skills of parents and early childhood providers.

  • Consultation services consist of:
  • Classroom observations
  • Teacher assistance
  • Resources for center, teachers and parents
  •  Linkage to additional services
  • Training for teachers and parents
  • Center-Focused help (whole center consultation)
  • Child-Focused help (child specific consultation)

Currently our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program has partnership agreements with 16 early childhood centers throughout Stark County.

These include: 

  • All Around Children
  • A plus Child Care Center
  • Campus Preschool
  • Canton YWCA
  • Early Explorer's - Canal Fulton
  • Early Explorer's – Jackson
  • Here for you - Canal Fulton
  • Here for you – Jackson
  • Heritage Christian Preschool
  • JRC (J.R. Coleman)
  • Kids Country – Hartville
  • Massillon YMCA
  • North Canton CDC
  • OakPark
  • Perry Christian Preschool
  • Rivertree Christian Preschool
  • Towpath YMCA

Stark Board of Developmental Disabilities

Child and Adolescent Behavior Health provides consultation and treatment for children 0 to 3 for children with developmental disabilities through the Help Me Grow program. We will also work with referrals to MRDD.

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Stark County Family Council

All children and families thrive and succeed within healthy communities. As a leader in community planning, the Stark County Family Council promotes a system of care that protects and enhances the well-being of children and families by building community capacity, coordinating systems and services, and engaging and empowering families.

Families have a primary decision-making role in the care of their children, as well as in the policies and procedures governing care for all children in their community.

Youth are engaged as valued partners in creating their own plans of care as well as systems change in policies and procedures.

The widespread impact of trauma is recognized and the natural resilience of every individual, child and adult is identified, promoted and nurtured.

The values of respect, dignity, nondiscrimination, and self-determination are promoted by working actively to understand the cultural values of families.

 Individualized, strength-based care acknowledges each child and family’s unique set of strengths, priorities and concerns.  Formal and informal supports are used to create a unique plan for each child and family.

The safety and well-being of children, youth and families is a responsibility shared by the entire community.  As such, system of care communities joins together in holding one another accountable for ensuring positive outcomes and sharing resources regardless of where the child and family seek help.

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Stark County Family Court

The Juvenile Court conducts hearings and provides programs and services to deal with the wide variety of problems that the families and juveniles bring to the Court. In response to the varied needs of families, the Court works with schools, law enforcement, public and private agencies, private business, The Stark County Family Council, parents and other organizations in order to provide comprehensive programs. The Juvenile Court cannot resolve all the community's problems but can work with and assist others in seeing that juveniles are given adequate opportunity to resolve problems and prevent further delinquency

To learn more, visit www.starkcountyohiogov./family-court/departments/behavioral-health-services.

Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

Stark MHAR is a multi-faceted county behavioral health board comprised of expert professionals, dedicated volunteers and concerned community leaders. Stark MHAR believes in hope, wellness and recovery for everyone. To accomplish this vision, the mission of Stark MHAR is to support wellness and recovery through innovation, in funding, collaboration, education and advocacy. Stark MHAR is empowered by the state of Ohio to plan, develop, fund, manage and evaluate community-based mental and addiction services. Federal, state and local funds are utilized to ensure mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services are available to individuals and families in Stark County. To learn more about StarkMHAR, visit

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Stark Help Central

Stark Help Central’s mission is to provide free, confidential information and referrals. Stark Help Central wants to protect and improve the lives of children, teens and young adults in Stark County. We do this by connecting young people and their families with hundreds of community resources to help them overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

Stark Help Central is a collaborative system of people who care. They are a group of dedicated volunteers, experienced professionals and community advocates who are committed to the success of our area’s young people. Our work is made possible through grant funding, participation from our partner groups and the engagement of agencies and organizations throughout Stark County. We strive to transform the lives of young people, ages birth to 25, who are struggling with complex, real-life challenges. To learn more about Stark Help Central, visit

United Way

United Way of Stark County supports C & A by providing funds to support some of our programming. The agency partially funds our Fetal Alcohol Spectrum program, Peer Support, Early Childhood Prevention.

Additionally, C & A applies for grants that support other programming and initiatives. To learn more about United Way, please visit

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